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Fat Binder

Nature weight loss!

Made in France


Benefits of Fat Binder:

1- Helps in weight loss by preventing the absorption of fats and sugar.

2- Suppresses appetite for long hours, with natural herbal ingredients that helps control sugar spikes.

3-Helps burn stored fat.

4-Clears the body of toxins (detox) and prevents fluid retention.

5-Prevents colon discomfort and belly shape stomach.

How to use:

Take 1-4 tablets before the richest meal of the day, half an hour before your meal with a glass of water.

* One pill is taken if the meal is low in fat and carbohydrates* 

*Recommended to take 2-4 (2 to 4 pills maximum) if the meal is fatty, high in oils and high in carbohydrates. *Maximum 4 pills per day.

Other Benefits of Fat Binder: 

1- Natural and safe for everyone, and it is also used for pressure and diabetes patients 2- It does not cause hair loss and helps absorb vitamins from food, thus it helps hair growth. 

3-Does not cause palpitations or physical fatigue

4-Certificate of Excellence in France 

5-Made from natural and unmodified organic materials 

6-used for women and men. 

Worldwide Shipping

Package contains 28 tablets

* It is not permissible to use any types of thinners during pregnancy or breastfeeding periods *

*This product is for use only by those over the age of 18. 

UAE: 200 Dirhams 

Saudi Arabia: 205 Ryal

Qatar: 200 Ryal